About us

Reason for being:

Urban society is a mix of varied regional people where cultural diversity is become a characteristic of lifestyle. It is now common to find identical customs followed for different religious doings. However, for urge of self, a devotee wants to follow its own regional and traditional customs & culture for performing puja ritual.

Also, with hectic work schedules, working professional often be busy in their daily work routine. They sometimes find Pujas/Hawans a tedious task to organize & perform. Other reasons may be like limited knowledge of puja rituals, difficulty in finding a suitable pandit ji, arranging varied samagree items (not available at nearby puja store) and most importantly, being unknown to expenditure involved in organizing the puja or havan.

With hassles faced for performing puja/havan, sometimes it seem to be a rigid & ancient worshipping practice in today’s busy life and hence often unobserved or less performed.

A companion of your Religious Journey:

Urban Puja is a socio religious initiative of 'Aanodaya Puja Mantra'. It provides a professional approach for organizing Puja / hawans at your home, office or any other location. 

Finding a specialized pandit ji and searching for samagrees no more a task at UrbanPuja.com; one can easily book puja service and get doorstep smagree delivery in an best possible way.

Why UrbanPuja may be preferred one-stop service:

  • Connected with experianced and knowladged Pujari ji / Jyotish Shastri
  • Ensure authentic and professional service quality
  • No special puja-dakhshina demand
  • Puja tailored approach as per your budget & requirement
  • All type of Spritual event arrangements / facilitations
The Foundation

Aanodaya Puja Mantra / urbanpuja.com is not a religious trust, mission or an institution; it offers a professional marketplace and a platform to connect devotees or clients with many religious service providers/pujari ji.

‘Urban Puja’ professional services started with a mission of providing quality oriented puja services with ease of organizing it. However, concept of provisioning puja related services is an age-old practice but not yet standardized with quality and feasibility of quick planning/doing. This venture is a step-forward in this direction. With use of social technology tools, it aims to reach-out to all our devotees and providing anytime anywhere puja related services in a best possible way.  It creates a platform for devotees to reach-out the experts of religious and spiritual domains.

Founded and being operated under the supervision of two devouts Mrs Usha Sinha and Mrs Moni Velpula along with their professional staff, who consider helping the society or their surrounding through various channels of bringing social harmony, discipline and god loving acts. The concept of founding puja services venture is driven with social facilitation and culture strengthening.

This venture may be a profit making to sustain itself and to expand in future but certainly not for profit-maximizing.

Founders can be reached at ‘urbanpuja@gmail.com’


Urbanpuja.com synonymous to Aanodaya Puja Mantra, operates under the registered enterprise of
Aanodaya Trademart LLP

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Satyanarayan Katha (सत्यनारायण पूजा एवम कथा)

Satyanarayan Ka...

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Bagalamukhi Puja (मां बगलामुखी पूजा) Sale

Bagalamukhi Puj...

Rs. 5,000 Rs. 7,000