Booking terms & conditions

The booking terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services or products directly or indirectly (through third-parties) made available online or offline, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications through whatever platform (hereafter collectively referred to as the "website") and/or by completing a reservation (booking), you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the booking terms and conditions set out below (including the general ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘privacy policy’). The term "We", "Us", "Our" shall mean UrbanPuja or Aanodaya Puja Mantra or Aanodaya Trademart LLP and denotes as a single entity.

Since some of the services are offered under marketplace model, these terms are applicable to all puja, astrology and other religious services, bookings made by devotee / customer as per the context, if not specified explicitly. This covers but not limited to booking policies, samagri inclusions, service quality, refunds & cancellations etc. The terms and policy for accepting booking deposits, order processing, final payment, cancellations and refunds are as follows. This is to be read in conjunction with our general “Terms of Use”.


1. Booking Terms & Policy
To create a booking for services offered by UrbanPuja, the following rules will apply:


  • Bookings can be done for puja, astrology or other listed services on website or with the service desk anytime before the puja/service commencement date. However, we encourage you to book well in advance to avoid the booking rejections as against our limited booking policy.
  • Same day or immediate booking will not have any service level & quality assurances, even cannot be guaranteed for fulfillment of those services. However, we will work on your urgent requirement with sincerity and then accordingly inform you our acceptance or rejection depending on feasibility of doing that service.
  • We are free and have complete authority to cancel or reject your given order or booked service, without giving any written clarification in advance as it may be subject to feasibility, availability of pandit ji, other service’s professionals, samagri or any other unfavorable circumstances as deemed judicious decision by our management.
  • For some specific puja, number of devotees performing puja will be resricted as per recommendations of pandit ji (priest) and may be for only one or two persons (devotee) at a time.
  • Puja if performed by more than 2 persons (including children), another subsequent booking order is required. For group or grand puja you are requested to take the the quote separately from our service desk.
  • Pandit ji sent by UrbanPuja are independent professionals, and we do not take any responsibility for dakshina/tipping/money paid to them, over and above the cost of puja booking and samagri.
  • For astrology and related services (except puja/havan service) :- Booking fee or service charges will be applicable on individual basis (per person/child).
  • Customer /devotee can create a booking without registering onto the website, but it is necessary to furnish an email id, a complete puja location address, and a mobile number to our service desk official.
  • A pandit ji or religious service professional is individually assigned for each booking independently. The devotee may get an e-mail or SMS confirmation on successful booking.
  • Booking Fees, Samagri cost, other professional service charges are subject to change with or without prior notice and whenever applicable. Though, we will try to keep you informed in advance through best possible ways.
  • Also, once the puja booking is done, the rates will be fixed; any further concession or negotiation between pandit ji and the devotee/customer will be not be endorsed or authorized by company management.
  • We follow very strict costing or pricing rules as to maintain the service quality for each puja/service. Please do not bargain or negotiate. However, time to time we launch certain promotional campaigns; you may get benefitted by them.
  • For any special or customized puja, puja booking or service cost will depend on the number of pandit(s) ji involved, number and complexity of rituals followed, number of days on puja will be commencing etc.
  • Any new service booking or requests should only be communicated to service desk, in order to avoid any loss of time and money. UrbanPuja will not be responsible for any direct bookings with our pandit ji, astrologer or puja service professionals. We take complete responsibility only for the services booked through our service desk or website.
    Bookings can be done either through our website at or by calling our Service Desk number 011 45072380/81.
2. What UrbanPuja Service Quality means?


At UrbanPuja i.e. Aanodaya Puja Mantra, there is member’s group, where we offer fellow memberships to qualified, experienced, well-known pandit ji, astrologer or other religious service providers to engaging them professionally for fulfilling our religious service requirements of devotees/customers in a regulated and quality oriented way.

The selection of a member pundit ji or any religious service professional, goes through our stringent and high value parameters like his or her puja organizing experiences, education, specialization for particular puja, religious institutional involvement, background credentials, identity check and social-religious stature etc. We take regular feedbacks from devotees in order to improvise our services further and to check his/her professional sincerity.

We are also associated with various independent religious institutions, Government Sanskrit Sansthan/Boards, Temples, private religious academia, reputed astrology institutes and companies which facilitate varied religious services. This helps us in widening our service offerings through UrbanPuja website. The other motive behind these associations is to take advantage of expert services and their knowledge for benefitting the devotees or customers and hence providing a one-stop solution.


3. Puja samagri quantities.


Every puja is a unique puja and a special one; it usually has different samagri sets. We give the recommended set of samagri items with defined quantities for each puja booking. For most of the listed pujas on website, we offer samagri within the puja booking cost. In some cases it may be charged additionally on actual to the customer/devotee. Hence, each puja samagri set may have more or less puja item types depending on the puja purpose, participants in the puja and any other factor as applicable.

  • All samagri or puja items and its quantities offered under puja packages are standard and will be as per suggestions of assigned pandit ji or puja service professional.
  • Our customized standard samagri package items may vary under various circumstances could be less or more items depending on puja type, availability of puja items, no of puja participants etc.
  • Samagri items quantity wherever not indicated or not specified on puja booking will be subject to the minimum or less quantities or as determined by pandit ji.
  • Arrangement for any missing, optional or additional samagri items will be sole responsibility of the customers during the puja function.
  • Some samagri items may not be available due to its non-availability in the local market or seasonal reasons. However, there will not be any monetary refund for that item.
  • A puja booking consists or means for maximum of two participants performing or sitting on puja. hence, samagri quantity will be offered in view of that. In case the devotee has any special, additional or new request for the samagri item then the devotee/customer will have to arrange on their own. However, UrbanPuja service desk may undertake to arrange for it, if requested separately, at an actual cost.
  • All puja offerings, eatables, fruits, milk, water or other common household items to be arranged by the devotee/customer.


4. Mode of Payments and final settlement procedure.

Customer/devotees can make or settle the booking amount or service fee, through various electronic payment modes or by cash with our company representative before the commencement of the service against which the invoice is raised. Payments (other than via UrbanPuja payment gateways) should always be made in the mode as requested/instructed by our service desk official; otherwise we will not have any control over the payments made by you. After receiving the booking amount or service fee, we will issue an invoice, after applying or deducting appropriate applicable taxes. Below are some modes of payment, we may consider, if authorized by our Service Desk officials on case to case basis:

  • Cash or Cheque in advance (effective upon its realization into our official bank account)
  • Wire Transfer (For international payments)
  • RTGS or NeFT (For bank account transfers)
  • Cash on Delivery (Cash at Home) – Additional service charge of Rs 50 applicable over and above the puja booking/service fee.

Pls note: If the devotee does not pay the fixed amount of puja booking/services purchased, after the commencement of the same Aanodaya Trademart LLP i.e. UrbanPuja holds all the legal rights to recover the said charges and also blacklist that particular devotee or group for providing any further services in future.

For puja bookings or services performed by our religious service professionals or pandit ji, an invoice or a bill will be raised by Aanodaya Trademart LLP in compliance to applicable laws. The invoice or bill will have the UrbanPuja, Aanodaya Puja Mantra signature or logos.


5. Booking modifications, following are applicable rules:
  • It is required to inform our service desk regarding any modifications, minimum 24 business hours before the scheduled date-time of puja or service commencement, otherwise clauses for fulfillment of service and quality standards will not be applicable.
  • All modification requests should be either by calling our Service Desk number 011 45072380/81 or sending an e-mail to along with your booking or order id. A response will be sent to you confirming any modification for the puja or services.
  • Any direct dealing with pandit ji, astrologer, service provider or any of our company representation is not encouraged or valid.
  • Any new work or service request for modifications, additional to the pre-booked inclusions, will be charged as per company defined charges and taxes separately.
  • Any applicable charge/fee for new service request need to be paid in advance. Only after the payment is realized in our bank account, work on new service request will be started by the service desk officials. We will not be responsible for any non-fulfillment of service because of delayed payment by the devotee/customer.
  • Currently, as per our terms, "modification" includes only modifications in the puja inclusions, services opted and puja commencement date.
  • Services like astrology services; event management services etc will not be covered and may require cancellation of the booking order as per our cancellation policy.
  • In some cases, changes in the booking inclusions, re-scheduling of date may cause the cancellation of previous booking and require a re-booking.
  • Modifications are not allowed during or after completion of puja. On puja or service commencements date, we do not guarantee to fulfill any new request or modifications.
  • In case the pandit ji reaches the puja venue as per schedule and due to personal reasons from the devotee side, he/she is not allowed to perform the puja service or asked for modifications/curtail in inclusions or services, UrbanPuja will not provide any refunds in that case.


6. Cancellations & Refund Policy, following rules will apply:

We follow “Easy cancellation policy”. However, below are the applicable rules:

  • Cancellations are allowed up to 2 days before the service/puja commencement date. Cancellations afterwards will be charged as 50% of the total booking amount, which will not be refunded.
  • All cancellation requests should be done either by calling Service Desk number 011 45072380/81 or sending an e-mail to along with your booking order id. A response will be sent to you confirming cancellation of the puja or service booked.
  • Any direct dealing with the pandit ji, astrologer or any service provider is not endorsed or valid.
  • Devotee/customer will be liable to pay the cancellation charge, even if, have opted CoD payment mode during booking of a service/ puja.
  • Refunds will be made in the same way that the payment is received within 7 to 10 working days from the date of cancellation of your order.
  • Please note that in case, if assigned pandit ji reaches the puja venue as per scheduled and due to some personal/family reasons devotee does not wish or allow to conduct puja or service, UrbanPuja will not provide any refunds.
  • In the event of an external or internal issue at our end, UrbanPuja will try its best to either compensate with another pandit ji, puja date or supplementary services or provide a full refund. However, UrbanPuja has no obligation to provide this facility and is entirely at its discretion.
  • In case of complaints related to puja service or pandit ji behavior, UrbanPuja will take the suitable actions but will not provide any refund to the customer.
  • In case of complaints regarding puja service, please report immediately to our service desk.


7. Dispute Resolution

The pandit ji, astrologer, service provider or any of our company representations is required to behave lawfully, professionally and respectfully with the devotees/customers. In case any violations are observed, the devotee/customer is requested to lodge a complaint against such person with our service desk official.

As we try our best to give you a pleasant & quality experience. However, we don’t take any guarantee for meeting the quality standard as per your expectations or choice; also to mention we follow strict quality standards and rules. Nevertheless, in some case as decided by our management, you may be compensated, for low quality deliverable given by our puja or service professionals.

In case, any action taken by the devotee/customer against our member pandit ji, astrologer, service provider or company representative, the devotee/customer is informed that he/she cannot make or Aanodaya Trademart LLP a party to such offence(s), as a person/third-party is individually and severally liable for any criminal act committed by him/her.

In case of any dispute between the devotee/customer and “UrbanPuja i.e. Aanodaya Puja Mantra or”, the parties agree to resolve the matter amicably via arbitration. For first level of arbitration “Aanodaya Trademart LLP” designated director or senior management official will be the arbitrator. In case the first level of arbitration fails, then the devotee acknowledges and agrees that the district courts located in Delhi will have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under the terms of this agreement and for all other terms & policies mentioned at website.


Feedback / Suggestions

At, we welcome your comments and suggestions regarding our Booking Terms & Policy. You may contact at


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