We offer different type of puja packages which suits your requirement for performing Shastiaptha Poorthi (60th Birthday), Bheema Radha Shanthi (70th Birthday) and Sadaabishegam (80th Birthday). 

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1st Birthday Puja (प्रथम जन्मदिवस पूजन)

1st Birthday Pu...


Rs. 5,500

Bheem Ratha Shanti Puja (भीमरथशान्तिः पूजा)

Bheem Ratha Sha...


Rs. 8,000

Sahasra Chandra Darshan (सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन पूजा)

Sahasra Chandra...


Rs. 9,000

Shashti Poorthi Puja (षष्ठीपूर्ति पूजन)

Shashti Poorthi...


Rs. 4,500

Wedding Anniversary Puja (विवाह सम्बन्ध वर्षगाँठ पूजा)

Wedding Anniver...


Rs. 4,000